Human anatomy liver in detail the function of all parts

Of course we need some important details that involve the adjustment and integration of human anatomy liver. Moreover, given the adjustment will also give effect to all elements and desired health condition. The better the detail and the setting of adjustment and implementation for this liver, then we also will be easier to determine many […]

Human anatomy kidney stones function and definition

The best conditions are given in some parts of the human anatomy kidney stones are considered to be offering an impressive function. Details like this would certainly be an important part of the integration is quite good. Moreover, in addition to some excellent choices will also offer customization with different functions. So we also need […]

Abdominal Anatomy Greater Omentum

Abdominal Anatomy Greater Omentum Abdominal anatomy greater omentum is a part from abdominal anatomy. Greater omentum is a prominent peritoned fold that hangs down from the stomach anterior to the transverse colon that it is attached. The greater omentum in animals called caul. The greater omentum has function for fat deposition that having varying amounts […]

Main Human Body Systems and Their Connection

Main Human Body Systems and Their Connection Main human body systems and their connection are important to know. Human body is made up from then different systems. Human body has ten different systems that always connected. All of the system should connect well for living and healthy human body. If there is one of ten […]

Basic of Human Skeletal System

Basic of Human Skeletal System Basic of human skeletal system includes all of the bones and joints. Every bone is made up from many cells, protein fibers, and minerals. The skeletal system of human body is as a scaffold that gives support and also protection for the soft organ that make up the rest of […]

Organs in Abdomen Left Side

Organs in Abdomen Left Side Organs in Abdomen Left Side is organs that accumulate your food and help the digestion of your food. Abdomen is one of part of human body called belly that area of this part is space between thorax or chest and pelvis of your body. The part of abdomen left and […]

The Body of Human Eyes

The Body of Human Eyes The body of human eyes is one of the important parts of human organ. Eyes are used to see. Eyes can see if there is light. In the dark eyes cannot see, because there is no light that enter in the eyes. Eyes have two kinds of organ; those are […]

The Body of Anatomy Female

The Body of Anatomy Female The body of anatomy female includes vagina, uterus, fallopian, and ovaries. The other body of anatomy female same with other human, but anatomy female and male is different in reproduction system. They have different reproduction system. Reproduction system in female is composite to allow women to become pregnant and bear […]

Organ in the Human Body Heart

Organ in the human body heart is placed in chest specifically in the middle compartment of the thorax. Heart is one of the important and vital organs in human body. Heart has function for pump blood into around the human body through blood vessels that called circulation system. When heart pumps the blood into around […]

Anatomy Human Body Organs

Anatomy human body organs – Human body very unique. They are connected through quite complex system. Each body system assists to the homeostasis of other systems of the whole organism. No body systems work itself, and the health of people depends on the health of all body systems interact. The nervous system is the very […]