The Body of Anatomy Female

The Body of Anatomy Female The body of anatomy female includes vagina, uterus, fallopian, and ovaries. The other body of anatomy female same with other human, but anatomy female and male is different in reproduction system. They have different reproduction system. Reproduction system in female is composite to allow women to become pregnant and bear […]

Organ in the Human Body Heart

Organ in the human body heart is placed in chest specifically in the middle compartment of the thorax. Heart is one of the important and vital organs in human body. Heart has function for pump blood into around the human body through blood vessels that called circulation system. When heart pumps the blood into around […]

Anatomy Human Body Organs

Anatomy human body organs – Human body very unique. They are connected through quite complex system. Each body system assists to the homeostasis of other systems of the whole organism. No body systems work itself, and the health of people depends on the health of all body systems interact. The nervous system is the very […]

Human Nose Body

Human nose body – A human nose is strucutred of bones, cartilage, and fibro fatty tissues. Sustaining structure of the upper part of nose consists of bones. The upmost portion near the eye sockets made up of two nasal bones, which is connected to the frontal bone of the forehead. Those nasal bones are joined […]

Human Organs Ear

Human organs ear – The ear is an organ that is able to detect / recognize the sound and also plays a role in balance and body position. Vertebrate animals have ears on the same basis from fish to humans, with some variation according to the function and species. This writing will mainly discuss human […]

Human Anatomy Interactive as part of education

Human Anatomy Interactive as part of education We can get very good information to involve some of the details of human anatomy interactive. Concepts such as these are considered to be easier for us to determine the adjustment of many options with different enough details. In addition, each of the detailed information given integration will […]