Abdominal Anatomy Greater Omentum

Abdominal Anatomy Greater Omentum
Abdominal anatomy greater omentum is a part from abdominal anatomy. Greater omentum is a prominent peritoned fold that hangs down from the stomach anterior to the transverse colon that it is attached. The greater omentum in animals called caul. The greater omentum has function for fat deposition that having varying amounts of adipose tissue, for immune contribution that having milky spots of macrophage collections, and the last for infection and wound isolation. The greater omentum may often be found wrapped around areas of infection and trauma. The greater omentum has a double sheet of peritoneum that made up of four layers.

The two layers that go down from the greater curvature of the stomach and the beginning of the duodenum pass in front of the small intestines. We can easily demonstrate the individual layer in the young subject. If in the adult is little difficult, the layers are more or less inseparably blended. The greater omentum always contains some adipose tissue, and usually thin that presents a cribriform appearance. The greater omentum is developed from the dorsal mesentery that has connection with stomach to the posterior abdominal wall. The greater omentum has two structures, gastro colic ligament that has function to transfer colon, and gastrospleniv ligament that has function to spleen.

The greater omentum get blood supply from right and left gastroepiploic vessels. The right and left gastroepiploic vessels anastomose witling the two layers of the anterior the greater ometun along the greater curvature of the stomach. People may get surgical removal in the greater omentum, because ovarian cancer or aggressive endometrial cancer. The surgical removal for the greater omentum is called omentectomy that is relatively simple procedure with no main side effects. You will not get any complication after the greater omentum surgical removal. That’s all about abdominal anatomy greater omentum.

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