Main Human Body Systems and Their Connection

Main Human Body Systems and Their Connection
Main human body systems and their connection are important to know. Human body is made up from then different systems. Human body has ten different systems that always connected. All of the system should connect well for living and healthy human body. If there is one of ten systems damaged, the other system will be unstable and will disturb the health of the human. The instability from damaged of one of ten system cannot be handle with other system, because they have different function and the other system cannot cove the function from other system too. The ten main system human bodies are:

Skeletal system includes bones, associated cartilages, and joints. This system has function to give support and protect the inside organ and give them structure for attachment. Skeletal system also place for joint to attachment. This system is important for human movement. And for muscular system includes skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, and cardiac muscles. The function of this system is motor power for movements of body parts.
For the first is about cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular system includes heart, blood vessels, and artery that function for distribute the nutrition, hormone, and also oxygen to all of human body. And the next is lymphatic system. Lymphatic system uses for produce immunity for illness, poison, and stranger protein from body. Respiratory system has function to gather oxygen from air and to remove the waste from body.
Digestive system has function to break food and absorb the nutrition that need with body and for eating. And the function from urinary system is for remove or to lose waste and poison from body.

Nervous system is the most important system, because this system is coordination from all of the human body system. Nervous system has function to send electricity impulse to human body. And reproduction system has function human reproduction. Male and female has different reproduction system.
Endocrine system is function to bring the message to all of human body with use all of glands types. This system can control mental process. That’s all about main human body system and their connection.

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