Organ in the Human Body Heart

Organ in the human body heart is placed in chest specifically in the middle compartment of the thorax. Heart is one of the important and vital organs in human body. Heart has function for pump blood into around the human body through blood vessels that called circulation system. When heart pumps the blood into around the human body, the blood brings oxygen and nutrients for metabolic waste. The heart covers of membrane that called pericardium. This membrane has function to avoid friction with the other organ when heart pumps the blood around the human body.
Heart divided into four main chambers, those are atria left and right, and ventricles left and right too. Atria is smallest than ventricles and atria has this wall. Atrium has function as air receiver, so they are connected with blood vessels that bring blood to heart. Ventricles are bigger than atrium. Ventricles have function to pump blood to exit from heart. Ventricles that connected with atrium bring blood from heart.

Chambers in the right side heart is smallest than left side heart, because they have different function and two different circulation system of blood. The chambers in the right side have function to defend the circulation in lungs, and the chamber in the left side have function to pump blood in circulation system.
Heart of human body have three layers, those are epicardium, myocardium, and the last endocardium. Muscles of heart have two conditions. Those are sistol and diastole. Sistol is condition when muscle heart system have contractor to pump blood to exit from the heart. And diastole is condition when muscle heart system is relaxed for blood go inside in the heart. Heart is one of organ vital in human body. If something wrong happen with heart, it can disturb the other of human body organ. So protect your organ in the human body heart.

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