Organs in Abdomen Left Side

Organs in Abdomen Left Side
Organs in Abdomen Left Side is organs that accumulate your food and help the digestion of your food. Abdomen is one of part of human body called belly that area of this part is space between thorax or chest and pelvis of your body. The part of abdomen left and right are different. The left part consists stomach all of the part of it, lift kidney. Stomach is helping you to assimilate your food by using chemical assimilation to make easy your body to absorb the nutrition and vitamin from food that you have eaten.

Organs in abdomen left side like as kidney is to filter blood and urine the urine will be excreted from your body to the outside through ureter. All of the organs are held together by the strong tissue or mesentery each other so they can stay in your body as well and will not flow down and the tissue protects the balances of your organs activity so they will not move on just micrometer.

Organs in abdomen left side many bloods vessels travel through the abdomen so abdomen is rich of bloods vessels and it is the important place of the transportation ways for blood vessels such as aorta, dozens that is smaller branches through this way, and also inferior vena cava. To make your abdomen always save in front of it is any a thin tissue that tough layer surround your abdomen and it is called fascia as abdominal muscles and then it is covering by the skin outside to make the protection better. The structures of organs in abdomen left side is very systematically as well as to make every process in your body perfect without any barriers when the process of every organ do their duty to supply every life time for your body.

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