The Body of Human Eyes

The Body of Human Eyes
The body of human eyes is one of the important parts of human organ. Eyes are used to see. Eyes can see if there is light. In the dark eyes cannot see, because there is no light that enter in the eyes. Eyes have two kinds of organ; those are internal and external organ. In this article I will explain the part of eyes organ that compose eyes. An eye is one of optic tools, the part of eyes organs work based on character of light. So without light eyes cannot work and see something.

The first eyes organ is cornea. Cornea is the outside surface of the eyes. The character of cornea is strong and translucent. Cornea has functioned for receive and continue the lights that enter in the eyes. Cornea also has function to protect the other sensitive eyes organ under cornea. The second is aqueous humour. It is look like jelly substance located in the anterior cleft of eyes organ that has function to refract the light enter to eyes. The next is lens. Lens has important role for arrange the place of shadow so that the shadow fall down in optic nerve. The fourth is iris. Iris is part of eye organ that has color as like blue, green, brown, hazel or grey.

Iris is a diaphragm that has variable size with function is to adjust the size of the pupil to regulate the amount of light that enter into the eyes. Then the next organ is pupil. This cleft that formed of iris. Pupil has function for arrange the frequency of light that enter into eyes. Pupil has the same function with diaphragm of camera. Pupil is circular cleft that place in the middle of iris. The next is muscle of eyes. This organ has function to support lens and arrange the size of lens increase. The eyes organ is vitreous humour that has function for continue the light from lens to retina.
And the important eyes organ is retina. Retina is layer in the behind wall of eyes that place for shadow formed. It is sensitive with light. Retina has function for catch and continues the light into the optic nerve. That’s all about the body of human eyes.

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